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Free: Arizona Limited Power of Attorney

(for use in Arizona)

Preview: Free: Arizona Limited Power of Attorney
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This limited power of attorney enables you to provide your agent only with the powers you select. The document includes a long list of possible powers. Simply select the powers that you wish your agent to have and initial. No additional powers will be given. This power of attorney is for use in Arizona.


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This is not a durable power of attorney and it will cease to be effective when the grantor becomes incapacitated. Keep in mind that certain institutions, such as banks, may have specific requirements for accepting a power of attorney.

This template includes the following paragraphs, among others:

- Attorney-in-Fact
- Governing Laws
- Delegation of Authority
- Liability of Attorney-in-Fact
- Powers of Attorney-in-Fact
- Attorney-in-Fact Compensation
- Co-Owning of Assets and Mixing of Funds
- Personal Gain from Managing My Affairs
- Reimbursement
- Attorney-in-Fact Restrictions and Liability
- Provisions of Accounting

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