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Maryland Commercial Lease Agreement

(With Periodic Tenancy / for use in Maryland)

Maryland Commercial Lease Agreement
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When renting commercial property, it is important to have a contract that includes an accurate description of the lease to make sure that both tenant and landlord are aware of their rights and responsibilities. This commercial lease has been written by expert lawyers and can be used to prevent later confusion. This Periodic Tenancy Lease Agreement is valid until terminated by either the landlord or tenant, according to the requirements detailed in the lease.
This lease is for use in Maryland.


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Getting Your FORMBLITZ Document in Three Easy Steps:


The lease can be completed comfortably at your computer. By entering details that are specific to landlord or tenant, you can create a lease agreement that is specific to your unique needs.

This template includes the following articles, among others:

- Term of Lease
- Condition of Property
- Default
- Use
- Security Deposit
- Sublease and Assignment
- Repairs
- Alterations and Improvements
- Utilities and Services
- Rules and Regulations
- Abandonment
- Lease Renewal

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