Contracts for Every Sale

A written sales contract is often the last thing one thinks of when buying or selling something. The buyer and seller get so caught up in the excitement of finishing a deal that they forget the legal formalities. When problems arise further down the road, such as a defect, delivery difficulties or non-payment, the lack of a contract can lead to anything from a hassle to an expensive lawsuit.
You can protect yourself by downloading a complete, legally secure FORMBLITZ Bill of Sale sample document. Remove any legal uncertainty when buying or selling with a FORMBLITZ Bill of Sale template, which can prevent future conflicts by clearly stating the buyer and seller’s responsibilities and expectations. Simply download a bill of sale template, fill it in and sign!

Custom-Made Sales Contracts

Whether you are buying or selling a screwdriver or a diamond bracelet, having a legally solid contract in the form of a bill of sale is always a good idea. But all bills of sale aren’t created equal! Comprehensive legal security requires a sales contract that has been adapted to the precise agreement that the buyer and seller have made.
Downloading a FORMBLITZ Bill of Sale form will provide you with a sales contract that has a professional appearance and is adaptable to your specific needs. If you need a contract for a car, motorcycle or boat, FORMBLITZ has a bill of sale form for you to download. Horses, dogs and cats (with or without pedigrees) also have their own bills of sale for you to download and a FORMBLITZ General Bill of Sale form can be adapted to anything else you may want to buy or sell.

Buy or Sell Your Car Without Regret

A car is more than just a means of transportation. It can also be a toy, something to show off with or even a second living room. As a result, there is usually a lot of excitement when buying or selling a car and it is easy to overlook the details. That’s why it is such a good idea to have a FORMBLITZ Bill of Sale form ready to download.
When filling it out, you will accurately describe the car or truck and this will help to prevent any later confusion — and lawsuits. The bill of sale also states whether the seller is providing the buyer with any guarantee or warranty as to the quality or condition of the vehicle. FORMBLITZ offers separate bill of sale forms for boats, motorcycles and even airplanes for you to download that will make the buying or selling process easier and legally secure.

Selling an Animal

Buying and selling animals, whether pets or not, has become a big business in America, and wherever there is big business there is a big chance that the law will be involved if anything goes wrong. This can make things messy and expensive. Using a FORMBLITZ Bill of Sale form when buying or selling a horse, dog, cat or any other animal is a quick and professional way to prevent any later complications. FORMBLITZ even has a bill of sale template available for download that is specifically designed to meet the specific needs of buyers and sellers of purebred cats and purebred dogs.

Don’t forget FORMBLITZ when you are preparing to buy or sell. A FORMBLITZ Bill of Sale form can be downloaded and adapted to any situation. FORMBLITZ has skilled attorneys who have studied the law so you don’t have to. Take advantage of their knowledge by downloading the FORMBLITZ Bill of Sale template that is specific to your situation. Simply select and download the proper bill of sale form, fill it out and sign! A few minutes spent creating a bill of sale can save you a lot of time and money if anything goes wrong later on down the road. It’s that simple to legally secure yourself.