Starting your Own Business

When starting a business, creating a precise and expressive business plan is one of your most important and urgent tasks. It doesn’t matter how talented you are at your craft or how good your business idea is if you can’t convince investors to back your company. The FORMBLITZ Business Plan form is easy to download and will help you to organize and attractively present your business ideas.

Why Write a Business Plan?

The primary goal in writing a business plan is to convince investors to provide you with the funding you need to transform your business idea into reality (and profit!). Whether you intend to ask a bank or friends and family for support, you will need a thorough business plan that proves that you have planned ahead, foreseen possible problems and thought about all aspects of your business.
A business plan isn’t a legal document, but a marketing document that could make the difference between whether you start your business or not. Downloading a FORMBLITZ Business Plan template is not only easy, it’s the best possible first step you can take to create a successful business plan. While completing the FORMBLITZ Business Plan document and spreadsheet, you will be given the chance to answer all the difficult questions in advance. This, as well as the appealing format of the documents, will surely impress your potential investors.

Articles of Incorporation

Incorporating your business is a major step that will bring significant advantages as well as costs. Downloading a FORMBLITZ Articles of Incorporation form can simplify the process by providing an attractive, legally sound form for use in incorporation. With the FORMBLITZ Articles of Incorporation, you’ll be well on your way to benefiting from the legal protections of a corporation.

Confidentiality, Non-Disclosure and Non-Competition Agreements

Knowledge can be a business’s most valuable asset and protecting this knowledge should be high on the priority list. With a FORMBLITZ Confidentiality Agreement form, a Non-Disclosure Agreement form or a Non-Competition Agreement form, you can be sure that the information you’ve worked so hard to develop remains confidential.
At FORMBLITZ, you can download confidentiality agreement templates, non-disclosure agreement templates and non-competition agreement templates for employees, either as part of an employment contract or as a separate document. You can also download FORMBLITZ’s Confidentiality Agreement forms and Non-Disclosure Agreement forms and use them whenever you want to share something with someone and be sure that the information doesn’t reach the public or competitors. Every business should have a downloaded FORMBLITZ Confidentiality Agreement form or Non-disclosure Agreement form on hand. Simply filling it in and signing it could save money, or even your business.