Contracts: It´s Smart to Have One!

Whether you’re about to lease an apartment, take out a loan, start a new job or even begin a new life with your partner, FORMBLITZ has the suitable professional contract. Give all your contracts a solid legal foundation and minimize risk with a FORMBLITZ contract.

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How to use contracts

FORMBLITZ generally offers legal templates for contracts immadiate download to simplify your legal transactions. Our contracts sample documents were written by skilled attorneys and are available as PDF and Doc file. We are offering various kinds of contracts related to the templates for use in all states. If you have no time to lose and if you urgently need your contract form as a sample, please click here to turn to our download area. When you are still wondering what contracts forms are about and when you feel, that you need more information, read the follwing:

The essence of a contract form is an agreement of two parties. You can conclude an agreement orally or in written form. Some kinds of contracts (real estate for example) necessarily need to be in writing. Many people think, that a contract sample has to be full of antique expressions or Latin phrases. But that is not true. Nowadays the writing style of a contract form should be simple and clear. The most important question is, why should somebody put a contract tempate down in writing, when there is no need for? If some contracts don`t have to be in writing, why are we writing them? It is a relevant question and an interesting point. We prefer the written form, because we want a record of the true agreement. We have to consider, that we are dealing with human beings, who sometimes tend to change their minds. As a matter of fact, people often have a different recollection of events or even a memory gap. They hear what they want to hear and believe what they want to believe. Surprisingly even the written points are debated as to their „true meaning“. What should a contract form include? Every contract must have certain legal elements to make it enforceable in court. The five essential elements are:

1. Identify the parties
2. Consideration for the contract
3. Terms of agreement
4. Execution
5. Delivery

Identify the parties

You simply use the formal names of the people concluding the contract and a short abbreviation afterwards in parenthesis. For instance, United Bank of Atlanta Incorporated might be followed by (United), so you know that the contract will be using the single word United rather then the full name. Commonly the names of individuals are also shortened. Robert D. Miller (Miller) tells you that the surname will be used throughout the contract form, but that it stands for Robert D. Miller in opposite to any other member of the Miller family. It is common to mention the partie`s street address, because it simplifies the identification.


Every valid contract needs consideration to be legally binding. Consideration answers the question: „Why are you entering the contract?“ or „What kind of benefit will you get for being a party to this contract?“. In a few words, it is something you give or give up for the agreement, or generally spoken, you promise to do or not to do something. The most important thing is: The promise has to be mutual between the parties and has to be acknowleged by both parties.

Example: Mr Miller intends to buy a car. Mr Carter offers a car to the price of $ 4,000. They sign a contract. Mr Miller`s consideration is the $ 4,000, Mr Carter`s consideration is the car.


Terms of agreement

It is the main part of your agreement. You have to put down in writing what the parties are agreeing to. Therefore you should use a simple language, that even allows a stranger to understand what everyone wishes. In the worst case the stranger is a judge and then – of course – you want to be sure that he or she is reading the sentence the way you intended it to be read.



Naturally a contract needs to be signed by both parties. As long as two individuals are signing the contractual deal, it shouldn`t be problematic. But what happens when you are dealing with a corporation or a partnership? Make sure you get the authorized party to sign. If someone is signing instead of a another individual, make sure he or she has the authority to sign. Evidence of such authority would be a power of attorney. The question if you need a witness also can create confusion. Usually it doesn`t influence the contract`s validity (except in the case of wills). If you don`t want to take a risk get two witnesses and a notary. Alternatively you can call your local courthouse and ask how many witnesses are required.


The delivery of a contract template seems to be an old-fashioned formality, but it is still necessary. If the parties had no other arrangement, then there is no valid contract form without manual delivery.

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