Bills of Sale to download

Basing your sale or purchase on a simple handshake is not the safest option. A lot can go wrong, even in the most basic deals. Using a bill of sale will give you written proof of the purchase and help you to avoid problems. With our legally secure bills of sale, you can rely on the fact that you have a document written by a skilled attorney.

Subcategories in Bills of Sale

Bills of Sale. The basic thing!

Whenever ownership of goods or property is transferred, this action should be documented by a bill of sale. Formblitz offers various types of bills of sale templates, that are customized to the laws of your state. Wheather you want to buy a pet or sell a vehicle, you will find a suitable bill of sale within our offered products. Our templates and forms are available as PDF or Doc file and easy to fill in. You can immediately download them here. If you need some further information about bills of sale, read the following:

In most cases, buyer and seller are so excited when finishing their deal, that they forget to sign a legally solid contract. Later on, when problems occur like a defect or delivery difficulties, a missing contract can provoke expensive lawsuits or at least conflicts between the parties. You can avoid disagreement and protect yourself with a Formblitz bill of sale sample document, that easily can be downloaded and filled in. Our legal forms have been written by skilled attorneys and can be modulated to your individual needs.

Remember, when you are buying something new in a shop, you automatically get a bill of sale. This allowes you, to return the good, when it is damaged and not workable. It is not that simple with used equipment. If something is wrong with the used thing you bought, the seller might claim, that it had been funcionable, when he sold it to you. This example points out the importance of concluding a contractual deal, in which the seller`s and buyer`s responsibilities and exspectations are mentioned.

The bill of sale should include the full name and address of both – the seller and the buyer, an description of the object of purchase, the record date, name of the city and of the state and the signings. But before you fill in all the obligatory contract data, you have to decide, if you want to sign a bill of sale on a „AS IS“-basis or a bill of sale with warranty. And you might ask youself: What`s the difference?

In a bill of sale on a „AS IS“-basis, the seller disclaims any express or implied warranties of condition, merchantability, or fitness for any particular purpose (, but this does not affect any warranties from the manufacturer). The seller gives the buyer opportunity to inspect the object (or to have it inspected) and the buyer accepts the object in its existing condition. In fact, the seller isn`t even stating that he is the owner of the object.

The bill of sale with warranty offers more protection to the buyer, because the seller guarantees the ownership and warrants that the property is in good working condition. He also promises the payment of reasonable repair costs up to a certain amount, if the buyer later discovers defects. Both, the amount as well as the period of time, in which the seller is responsible for defects, has to be limited. We want to be fair, the seller also needs to be protected from exorbitant claims.

Just on more advice: The bills of sale for motor vehicles and motorcycles contain an odometer disclosure statement, because Federal law (and State law, if applicable) requires that you state the mileage upon transfer of ownership.

Select a bill of sale that suit your needs out of FORMBLITZ` offering. They are easy to fill in and to download and offer you legal certainty.