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Use a FORMBLITZ employment contract to hire someone with strong legal backing. FORMBLITZ has contracts for various types of employment, as well as contracts with built-in non-disclosure and non-competition clauses for employees that are to work with sensitive business information that you don’t want to share with the public. Employment contract.

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Good partnership with employment contracts

When you are running a business or owning a company, you are in the need of qualified employees. After several job interviews you hopefully decide on somebody to get the job and to become the new member of your working team. Finally you need an employment contract that is legally binding. Choose a suitable one out of Formblitz` wide range of employment contracts. Our templates are available as PDF and Doc file and have been written and supported by skilled attorneys. The employment contracts form is tailored to the laws of your state. Click here for immediate download. If you want to know more about the employment contract and what has to be in it, read the following:

An employment contract is used in labour law and sets out the conditions of employment and the responsibilities between the parties. An employment contract solidifies the relationship between employer an employee and specifies the rights and obligations of both parties. An employment contract is nothing fancy. But in some working areas or industries the employment contract includes sentences of particular significance or special articles of agreement. In that case, the national association of the industry might offer sample agreements to fill in. Common contracts of employment should contain the following points:

1) Name and address of the employer and employee, record date, name of the city and the state. To show you an example:

„This agreement, entered into this the 15th day of March, 2014, by and between Tom`s Computer Service (Toms), employer, and Mark Miller (Miller) of 104 Care Street, city of Columbus, state of Ohio, employee.“

2) The consideration: In most cases, the consideration is required for an enforceable contract under American law. The consideration points out the mutuality of obligation. The three basic elements of consideration is a bargain, an exchange and the exchange has to be valuable. This can be expressed through the following standard phrase:

„For and in consideration of the mutual promises and benefits to be derived by the parties, they do hereby agree to the following:“

3) Terms of agreement: They should include basic parameters, such as job title, general duties of the employee, hours of employment, number of hours per week, beginning and ending date of employment, weekly salary, overtime rate, sick pay, vacation days, bonus. When you are using a template you can add additional points. The employee also promises to abide by all the rules and regulations of the employer. Another important point is the non-disclosure-agreement. Therein the employee agrees not to disclosure any informations about the employer`s clients or operations. It is common to determine that any modification of the contract has to be in writing and signed by both parties.

You often find the sentence „time is of the essence“ in a contract. What does it mean? It means you have to act and perform within the period specified in the contract and not when you are in the mood for. When time is not of the essence, courts generally allow the parties to perform their obligations within a reasonable time.

The final phrase is: „This contract is governed by the laws of the state of ___________ (Ohio, to cling to the example above). Should any disagreement arise between the parties as it relates to employment, each party shall be responsible for their own attorney`s fees and court costs.“

4) Execution & Delivery. The authorized parties sign the contract. In addition to that you can let a witness sign the contract as well, but this is not necessary for the validity of the contract. Delivery means you have to convey the document.


Some employment contracts have an appendix, that is called job application waiver. Therein the employee assures that any given information on her/his application for employment is true and correct.

FORMBLITZ offers various types of employment contracts, general ones as well as contracts with non-disclosure clauses for employees that are dealing with sensitive informations. All of our templates are customized to the laws of your state. Download your employment contract form now as PDF or Doc file.