A lease agreement is an important document to have when renting residential or office space.
At FORMBLITZ, you can download special lease agreements for commercial property, houses and apartments or even a single room that specify the terms of your contract, including possible restrictions regarding pets and smoking.

Subcategories in Leases

Renting Residential or Office Space

When you are intending to rent a house, a townhouse, an apartment or any other kind of residence, you can be legally secure with a FORMBLITZ lease agreement. All FORMBLITZ lease agreement templates have been created and written by skilled attorneys, who are familiar with tenancy law and leasing matters. Whether you are the lessee or lessor, with a FORMBLITZ lease agreement sample you can avoid unnecessary legal hassles or expensive lawsuits.
FORMBLITZ offers residential lease agreements for different kinds of residences, for instance houses, apartments, condominiums, duplexes or even beach houses. FORMBLITZ has also rental agreements for a single room, roommate agreements and commercial lease agreements.

Renting or renting out residential real estate is a very personal choice and especially the property owner has to make intimate decisions. That is the reason why FORMBLITZ designed residential lease agreement templates for download for the two topics people are worried about: smoking and pets. So the landlord is free to decide, if he wants to sign a lease agreement where smoking is contractually prohibited or permitted or if pets are allowed or not.
Another special feature in Formblitz lease agreement templates is the questionmark-button. If you click on it you will get further information and explanation relating to difficult clauses and fill-in aid. That makes it easy for everybody to fill in and complete the lease agreement sample document. In the printed version of your completed lease agreement template, the questionmark-button – of course ¬– is invisible.

The roommate-agreement is similar to a sublease contract, because it is based on a lease agreement that has already been signed by the landlord and the tenant. That means that the roommate for instance has to acknowledge the terms of the lease agreement. Additionally the tenent and the roommate have to describe clearly the rights and responsibilities in their shared household by concluding a roommate-agreement. Simply download the Formblitz roommate-agreement template, fill in and sign to prevent conflicts between the parties.
It is advantageous to put major issues in writing, although they are not part of the formal roommate-agreement. The parties can create house-rules or design an appendix to the roommate-agreement with informal agreements about how the rent should be shared, about overnight guests or foodsharing.

Whenever you intend to sign a commercial lease agreement for business spaces, you should consult an attorney or someone with real estate or business experience. Because of the following certain reasons: A professional commercial lease agreement often includes 40 to 50 articles and you get tired by reading them and as a result you skip a very important article. Renting business space is a big responsibility. The success or failure of your business might depend on a certain term of the lease. Secondly commercial leases are governed by fewer consumer protection laws than residential leases. Thirdly commercial lease agreements are not based on a standard form, they are normally custozimed to the needs of the landlord. So the tenant needs to carefully examine every commercial lease agreement offered to him.

That is why FORMBLITZ designed commercial lease agreement templates, where the rights and resonsibilities of both, the landlord and the tenant, are clearly described. The agreement is customzied to the needs of both parties on a legally secure basis.

Simply download your lease agreement sample, fill it it, print and sign it. But whenever you have doubts don`t hesitate to consult legal advice additionally.