Prenuptial Agreements

Before getting married, a couple can use a prenuptial agreement to determine what will become of their property and debts should their marriage come to an end. It also provides the chance for both parties to specify what support obligations they would have for one another should they decide to separate.

Subcategories in Prenuptial Agreements

Contracts before marriage or civil unions

The prenutial agreement, often abbreviated to „prenup“ and often called premarital agreement, is a contract entered by people, who intend to marry each other. A prenuptial agreement defines the property and financial rights of each spouse in case of a divorce.
There are two main reasons, why people consider prenuptial agreements as a waste. The first reason is, that prenuptial agreements are normally associated with wealthy celebrities. But you don`t need to be wealthy like a celebrity to benefit from a prenuptial agreement. A prenup is already needful, when inventory or any other personal or business asset, that you brought to the marriage shall remain the property of the original owner in the event of a divorce. By the way, a prenup can also specify that future assets accrued through inheritance shall not be shared with your spouse if the marriage should end. The second reason is that a divorce is far beyond your imagination, when you are planning your wedding day. Not even a look at the high number of divorced marriages would induce you to enter a prenup. If you refuse or just forget to conclude a prenuptial agreement, you can later still enter a marital agreement, that is used by couples who are already married.
FORMBLITZ offers prenuptial agreement templates for every single state as PDF an Doc file for immediate download. Our templates contain all relevant articles of a prenuptial agreement, because they have been written by skilled family law attorneys and divorce lawyers.
You can use a prenuptial agreement template to protect your assets and to protect a spouse from assuming the debts of the other spouse. You also can use a prenup template to determine how property will be passed upon your death. This is very important for people, who have children from a prior marriage. If you want to pass property to your children rather than to your new spouse, you should record that in a prenuptial agreement. Additionally you can clarify financial rights and responsibilities during your marriage and avoid long, expensive lawsuits in case of divorce. With a prenuptial agreement template you can lay a lot of things down, but you can not limit child support, child custody and visitation.
Without a prenuptial agreement, family laws determine how property has to be shared during and after your marriage. To give you some examples: In most states, your spouse is entitled (or rather obliged) to share in any debts acquired during the marriage and to share and receive ownership of property acquired during the marriage, including responsibilities in managing property. As you can see, there are various good reasons to deviate from your state`s law (family law in particular) and to conclude a prenuptial agreement.
With a FORMBLITZ prenuptial agreement template, you can create a prenup that is clear, understandable and justifiable. You can easily download and fill in our templates, but nevertheless we recommend to get your final prenuptial agreement reviewed by a family attorney, who can advice you on your rights. Most experienced family attorneys offer free consulations and are delighted, if show up with a completed prenuptial agreement form.