Power of Attorney

A power of attorney allows you to authorize someone else to act in your name when dealing with a business or legal issue. By choosing the appropriate FORMBLITZ power of attorney document, you can decide whether you wish your agent to have general, limited or specific powers while representing your interests.

Subcategories in Power of Attorney

When you are absent - Power of Attorney

Usually you act autonomously in any legal matter, without even thinking about it. But what happens, when you are away for months, because you are on a round-the-world trip? Or to give you an example that is closer to reality: You broke your right hand in an accident. Unfortunately you are a right hander and you have to sign a document or write a check. Last example: You want to resell real estate, but you don`t know how and the juridical formalities are driving you crazy. You urgently need an estate agent.

In all of this (and other imaginable) cases, you need someone, who is acting on your behalf. Therefore you have to authorize him or her to handle your affairs by signing a Power of Attorney. You can download and use a FORMBLITZ Power of Attorney form in that case. But be careful to whom you are transferring the right to act on your behalf. Please keep in mind that this person becomes YOU in the eyes of law. The person you selected to take care of your business doesn`t need to be an attorney-at-law or even have any degree in law. The person you intend to authorize should be of full age, honest, reliable and mentally competent to become your attorney-in-fact.

The next question is, if your attorney-in-fact should be allowed to handle all of your affairs or only a few of them. FORMBLITZ offers four types of Power of Attorney forms for every single state:

The General Power of Attorney form conveys a broad range of power. Use it if you don`t wish to limit your agent`s authority in any way.

The Limited Power of Attorney form provides your agent only with selected powers. You can select them out of a long list by marking the boxes with a cross. Selectable powers are for instance: real estate transactions, banking transactions, business operating transactions, insurance transactions, claims and litigation matters, family care, tax matters, and many more.

Finally, the FORMBLITZ Specific Power of Attorney form allows your agent to perform and undertake a special act on your behalf. This Power of Attorney form is frequently used for certain real estate transactions. It doesn`t give your agent any powers beyond those relating to the real estate transaction you have selected. It lasts until the termination date, weather the transaction has been completed or not. When you download a FORMBLITZ Specific Power of Attorney template, you can be sure, that your transaction will be carried out as planned.

All these different Power of Attorney forms are available for immediate download. For every single state. Select the one you need and fill in your key data according to the instructions contained in the document. All Power of Attorney sample documents are available as PDF & Doc File. They have been written by skilled attorneys. Download your template now!

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