Work Contracts Written by Seasoned Professionals

A professional employment contract is the best foundation for a successful working relationship. With FORMBLITZ employment contracts you can always rely on a solid professional foundation. Downloading expert legal knowledge directly to your desktop is just a few mouse clicks away.

Good Rules for Good Cooperation

Downloading and using an employment agreement is always a good idea, as it allows both employer and employee to have a clear idea about what to expect from one another. It is better to decide on the details before a problem or conflict arises at your workplace. Using a FORMBLITZ employment contract template is an ideal way to initiate this decision-making process and can help to prevent any tension in the crucial employee-employer relationship.

Customize Your Contract

Jobs vary greatly, so why should all employment agreements be identical? FORMBLITZ has employment contracts that are suitable for nearly all possible employer-employee relationships. FORMBLITZ Employment Contract forms include agreements for full-time and part-time, for hourly wages and for salary and/or commission. FORMBLITZ even has contracts with built-in non-disclosure, confidentiality and non-competition clauses. Once you’ve downloaded a contract from the correct category, all that's left to do is fill it in and sign!