Bureaucracy Glossary

Dealing with government bureaucracies can be difficult. As a result, we’ve collected some of the most useful and necessary federal documents as a free service to FORMBLITZ customers. At formblitz.com, you can find important forms, as well as instructions, guides and even glossaries for foreign languages that are also directly available from government websites free of charge.

Taxpaying Made Easy

No one likes taxes. They are unpleasant, difficult and expensive. Thankfully, the IRS is attempting to make the process easier and has prepared clear instructions for most of the necessary forms, as well as written glossaries to help people those citizens who are not native English speakers to prepare their taxes. These documents are all available at www.irs.gov. As a service to FORMBLITZ customers, the most useful documents have also been included on our website.

Passports, etc…

If you are an American citizen who wants to travel the world, you will need to begin your journey with a trip to the passport office. FORMBLITZ has gathered together passport forms to help you get started. You can also find forms for renewing a passport, reporting a lost or stolen passport or reporting a name change. At FORMBLITZ you can also download documents prepared by the government to explain the bankruptcy process in several languages. You can access these forms among others for free at formblitz.com, as well as on the various government websites from which they originate.