Ensuring Accountability

Living with roommates can be fun, stressful and frequently also a necessity. Unfortunately disagreements can arise or one roommate may not be able to fulfill his or her financial obligations. Signing a FORMBLITZ Roommate Agreement form, preferably when you and your roommate move in together, can help to prevent conflict or even provide one party with legal options should they become necessary. Downloading a roommate agreement, filling it in and signing it can prevent stress and disputes later on.

Child Care Authorization and Travel Consent

Trusting your children to other people is an important decision that no parent takes lightly. Whether you allow others to care for or travel with your children out of convenience or necessity, it is important to take the proper measures to allow others to respect your decision. The FORMBLITZ Child Care Authorization Form and the Child Travel Consent Form are just such measures. No matter what situation you may need them for, it is smart parenting to have a child care authorization form or a child travel consent form ready to sign. It’s as simple as downloading the appropriate form, filling it in and signing!

Liability Release

The FORMBLITZ Liability Release Forms provide a simple yet effective way to prevent your business or any other activity from being exposed to too much liability. And you can use these practical documents as often as you wish. Save money and hassle by simply downloading the appropriate form, filling it in and having it signed.

Photo Video Release

Using a FORMBLITZ Photo or Video Release Form is a good way to make sure that you and the person you are taking pictures of have agreed upon one another's rights. Especially in the photography business, downloading and using FORMBLITZ’s practical Photo Release Form will allow you to stand out while demonstrating your professionalism.