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General Questions about FORMBLITZ Documents
Questions about the FORMBLITZ Ordering Process
Problems Downloading FORMBLITZ Documents
Questions about Opening and Using FORMBLITZ Documents

General Questions about FORMBLITZ Documents

Are all FORMBLITZ documents legally secure?
Yes, all documents are created and regularly updated by skilled experts. Our documents have the highest possible legal security. Nevertheless, our sample or template documents cannot fulfill the legal needs of every individual in every legal situation. There are some situations in which there is no substitute for the consultation of an attorney.

How often can I use my document?
As often as you like. Simply store it on your computer and access it whenever necessary.

What should I do if I can't find the form or template that I need on your website?
You can search the FORMBLITZ website by using the search function, which can be found at the top left side of every page. Enter what it is you are looking for and click "Go". You can also enter your search terms on the advanced search page and click on "Search now". If you don't find what you're looking for among the search results, try using all synonyms that you can think of for the product.

If you still haven't found what you're looking for and think that FORMBLITZ should include it in its product range, FORMBLITZ will be happy to receive your suggestions! You can submit your suggestion by sending an email to

Questions about the FORMBLITZ Ordering Process

How do I receive my documents?
You can receive your documents quickly and easily by downloading them onto your computer.

Can I also order my documents by mail?
Unfortunately not. Our documents are only provided for download via the Internet. With the additional costs of printing and shipping the document, we would not be able to offer our documents for free.

When will I receive my document?
You can download your document immediately!

Problems Downloading FORMBLITZ Documents

Can I also purchase and download FORMBLITZ documents on Apple computers?
Yes, you will need the appropriate software of course, such as Microsoft Word, Excel or the free Adobe Reader.

My document didn't download. What should I do?
The most common problem in this situation is the use of an outdated browser when trying to download the document. Always use the most current browser and save the document to your computer before attempting to open it.

Which browser does FORMBLITZ recommend?
We recommend Firefox (available free of charge at
or Opera (available free of charge at
or Google Chrome (available free of charge at

Questions about Opening and Using FORMBLITZ Documents

How can I open a ZIP file?
You need a program that will decompress the ZIP file. We recommend WinZip (available free at and FilZip (available free at

How can I open and print PDF files?
You need the most current version of the free software program Adobe Reader, which you can download from the Adobe website (

How can I open and print Excel documents?
You need Microsoft Excel or a compatible spreadsheet program.

How can I open and print Word files?
You need Microsoft Word or a compatible word processor program.

How can I change my document?
You can change Word files as you wish. Simply lift the document protection by selecting "Unprotect Document", which is found in the "Tools" drop-down menu. No password is required.
In PDF files, you can only fill in the fields that have been activated for modifications. This works best with the free Adobe Reader.

Why is my document incomplete or contain only the cover page?
You are probably using an outdated version of Adobe Reader. Download the current version here free of charge: