Watertight Rental Agreements

Whatever you are intending to rent, you can be sure to be legally covered with a professional FORMBLITZ lease agreement. All FORMBLITZ lease agreement templates have been created by skilled professionals who are very familiar with rental agreements. Whether you are living or working in rented real estate or renting your property out to others, you will be able to rest well with a FORMBLITZ lease agreement and the knowledge that you have a legally strong rental contract. Simply download the agreement, fill it out on your computer, print and sign!

The Right Rental Agreement

Whether you are a landlord, a manager or a property owner, you will find the appropriate lease form at FORMBLITZ. FORMBLITZ has commercial lease agreements for business spaces as well as residential lease agreements for a variety of residences, including houses, apartments, condominiums, duplexes, townhouses or even beach houses. FORMBLITZ even has a residential rental agreement that is specifically designed for the rental of a single room in a house or apartment.

Renting a Business Space

Commercial lease agreements are complicated documents that reflect the complex relationship that is created when both leasing parties intend to profit from the lease. With a commercial lease agreement, it is extremely important to have a secure commercial rental contract such as the FORMBLITZ commercial lease agreement templates. The FORMBLITZ commercial lease agreements have been written with the needs and requirements of both the commercial renter and the property owner in mind. Renting property for a business is not a simple undertaking. With a FORMBLITZ commercial lease agreement, however, you can avoid unnecessary legal hassles and be sure that you are operating on a secure legal basis.

Living with a Lease Contract

Where one decides to live is a very personal choice, and renting or renting out residential real estate can therefore involve intimate decisions that cannot be reflected by most formal rental agreements. That’s why FORMBLITZ offers a Residential Lease Agreement template for download that is specifically designed for the two most common renting concerns: smoking and pets. Smoking is something that many renters and property owners feel strongly about. It is therefore best to decide whether it will be permitted or not before the rental agreement has been signed. The FORMBLITZ Smoke-Free Lease Agreement forms are for renters and property owners who have decided to prohibit smoking in order to keep their residence clean. Most people also feel very strongly about house pets. While some consider pets essential to making life worthwhile, others find them to be noisy and smelly mess-makers. It is therefore also important to decide on this issue before the rental contract is signed. Downloading and using a FORMBLITZ Residential Lease Agreement template will ensure that both renter and property owner have made a fully informed decision.

Making a List, Checking it Twice

FORMBLITZ also offers a Residential Lease Inspection Checklist to be downloaded and used by both the renter and the property owner to inspect the residence before the renter moves in and after the renter has moved out. This useful tool can prevent unwelcome surprises by forcing both parties to systematically go through the residence and note any damage or problems. By carrying this process out methodically, neither party can claim that the residence was not in the condition they expected before the renter moves in or after he or she has moved out. Disputes about security deposits are common. An easy way to prevent them is to use a FORMBLITZ Residential Lease Inspection Checklist.