Insurance for your Relationship

No happy couple likes to contemplate the possibility of separation. Signing a prenuptial, marital and cohabitation agreement is therefore frequently avoided. Although there is no way to romanticize the possibility of divorce, such an agreement can nevertheless be seen in a positive light if the couple considers it as a chance to define their own roles and responsibilities in their relationship.

In consideration of the financial implications of getting married, a simple FORMBLITZ Prenuptial Agreement can be seen as an inexpensive way to possibly save a lot of money and prevent disputes later on down the road. Simply going through the process of completing the prenuptial agreement together has also proven to be helpful for many couples as they prepare for their wedding day. FORMBLITZ Asset Disclosure Forms may be used along with these forms to provide a full description of both partners’ financial situations.

Marital Contracts

FORMBLITZ also has marital or postnuptial agreements to be used by couples who are already married. The concept is similar to a prenuptial agreement or cohabitation contract in that each partner has a chance to define his or her own roles and responsibilities. Completing an easy to download marital agreement can not only save time and money, but also reinforce the foundation of a healthy marriage.

Cohabitation Agreements

A FORMBLITZ Cohabitation Agreement is designed for couples that live together, intend to continue doing so for a long time to come but do not plan to marry in the near future. Whether the couple is heterosexual or of the same sex, these agreements can enable both partners to gain legal protection and avoid unnecessary costs and conflicts should their relationship come to an end. Cohabitation agreements allow both partners to determine which property or debts are jointly owned, for example, or to detail any support obligations they may have for one another following their separation.