Florida Commercial Lease Agreement

(Fixed Term / for use in Florida)
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If you rent a commercial space, you need a contract that states the terms of the lease to ensure that both landlord and tenant are aware of their rights and responsibilities. This is a standard commercial lease drafted by skilled attorneys. Using it can avoid unnecessary litigation and other problems.
This is a fixed-term lease with a set end-date. The lease will renew automatically unless one of the parties chooses not to renew, as described in the lease.
This lease is for use in Florida.
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The lease can be completed comfortably at your computer. By entering details that are specific to landlord or tenant, you can create a lease agreement that is specific to your unique needs. *liste This template includes the following articles, among others: liste* *liste -* Term of Lease -* Condition of Property -* Default -* Use -* Security Deposit -* Sublease and Assignment -* Repairs -* Alterations and Improvements -* Utilities and Services -* Rules and Regulations -* Abandonment -* Lease Renewal liste*

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