Kentucky Employment Contract with Non-Disclosure and Non-Competition Clauses

(Salary / for use in Kentucky)
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This contract is to be used when hiring a full-time employee who is to receive a salary. It is open-ended (at-will), meaning that no end date has been set for the position.
This contract has strong non-disclosure, non-solicitation and non-competition provisions to protect the employer. It is for use in Kentucky, although the enforcement of non-competition agreements may be limited in some circumstances.
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This template contains the following paragraphs and more: *liste -* Employment, Duties and Acceptance -* Commencement Date and Term -* Compensation of Employee -* Expense Reimbursement -* Employee Benefits -* Confidential Information -* Obligations of Confidentiality -* Injunctive Relief -* Allowed Disclosure of Confidential Information -* Non-Competition -* Non-Solicitation -* Waiver of Contractual Right -* Applicable Law liste*

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