New York Non-Disclosure and Non-Competition Agreement

(for use in New York)
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Protect your business with this Non-Disclosure and Non-Competition Agreement. The non-disclosure section ensures confidentiality and you can be sure that your private business information remains private. The section on non-competition prevents the other person from opening a competing business in the same state for a set period of time.
It is for use in New York, although the enforcement of non-competition agreements may be limited in some circumstances.
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This template contains the following paragraphs, among others: *liste -* Confidential Information -* Protection of Confidential Information -* Non-Use of Confidential Information -* Relationship of Parties -* Non-Competition -* Non-Solicitation -* Limited License to Use -* Return of Confidential Information -* Notice -* Injunctive Relief -* Assignment -* Termination liste*

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